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During the pandemic, Grammy nominated artist Josh Ramsay indulged himself by writing, producing, and playing all the instruments on his debut solo record, The Josh Ramsay Show. The album is a sweeping exploration of musical styles featuring collaborations with a wide range of Canadian singers from across the musical spectrum. This album is a love letter to music as a whole, never sticking to the same genre twice. “My goal was to try and do as many genres as possible, so it feels kind of like a variety show. I really wanted to write something upbeat, fun and irreverent, so I just hope it’s an uplifting listen for people.” – Josh Ramsay

Both on songs featuring other artists and those he took on alone, Josh covers an epic amount of ground, stylistically; everything from modern country to tracks that defy description through EDM and full-on orchestral instrumentals. The album also consists of 3 highly personal offerings directly inspired by major events that took place in Ramsay’s life during 2020 including losing both of his parents. But while he speaks to those losses candidly, the songs are anything but somber. Rather, he celebrates their lives and the musical gifts they passed on to their children. “Losing your parents is a tough thing – something everyone will go through – but I’m in a positive place. So, even songs about that, I wanted them to be uplifting. I didn’t want it to feel like grief. I wanted it to feel like love.” – Josh Ramsay




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